• Janice Ryan

What's in a Name?

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Exactly three years ago in January 2017, I founded Sunway Consulting. It was the first time in my career that I branched out on my own, not working for someone else. So far I have loved it but in the beginning, it was a bit daunting. As a marketer, I wanted to have good branding for my new company, and find a name that was meaningful to me as well as one that would resonate with others.

People over the years have asked me how and why I chose the name Sunway and each time I explained how I came up with it, I was told that I should put the story on my site. So I finally decided to write this post to explain how the name Sunway Consulting came to be.

Beyond loving the positivity that emanates from the name, Sunway has a deeper meaning for me. I grew up spending my summers on Lake George in the Adirondacks and my winters occasionally skiing nearby at Gore Mountain. Eight years ago, my husband and I started taking our children to Gore regularly.

Back in 2016, I realized that my oldest daughter's time with us was halfway over. Her first nine years went by so fast and people often said how the next nine years would fly by even faster. Also, the hours at my job were growing longer and longer, and I felt ready for a career change with more flexibility. With encouragement from my husband and some great friends, I decided to take the risk and start consulting.

But I wanted a name that paid tribute to my family and the place we love. While on a ski lift at Gore that winter three years ago, it hit me. There is a beginner trail at Gore that runs from the top to the base of the mountain called Sunway. I watched my children use it as their training ground. I realized Sunway is where beginning skiers hone their skills and then move forward to take on tougher trails and challenges. They grow into experienced skiers with Sunway, the ski trail, having helped build the foundation.

Much like the ski trail, my mission with Sunway Consulting is to provide the necessary tools for early-stage companies to learn and build a foundation for growth into successful, sustainable businesses. My passion is in helping founders with big, thoughtful ideas find the best ways to execute their vision in a strategic and impactful manner.

Now that I had a name that drew great "parallels" (I couldn't resist the skiing pun!), I wanted to create branding for Sunway that represented my mission and passion. I worked with a graphic designer who came up with the S favicon used here in my logo, where the S is a trail or the "way" through a sunrise of orange and yellow.

And now three years later, my children are all expert skiers and my oldest is training to be a ski instructor. I feel confident that over the past three years, Sunway Consulting has helped its clients build a path towards achieving their goals. I look forward to continuing on with Sunway's mission in the years to come.

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